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How to show arrows on Shape Nodes?

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Hallo yEd

I want to show a quite simple thing, but cannot find the tools how to do. 

Thanks for the answer & I understand now more about that but still the problem is not solved. 

Describtion of the screen print:

I just want to create a Shape Node bundle with several fixed dimension (e.g. 72 by 72 pixels) and want to show first pixelrow around each e.g. in white & on the Shape Node an arrow in the direction to the next number. 

In this example I need an arrow from center 11 to 12 upwards, center 12 to 13 o the right, center 13 to 14 downwards, etc

How to show arrows on the shape nodes? Thanks!

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2 Answers

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Unfortunately, the desired behavior is not available in yEd.

The only workaround I can think if is creating small (1x1px), possibly invisible nodes, which you place in the middle of your 72x72 px nodes and connecting those small nodes instead of the original nodes. This approach will only work with option "Paint Nodes over Edges" in "File" -> "Preferences" disabled.
by [yWorks] (159k points)
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One way to do this is to create a palette of node shapes with all possible in and out paths.  For each in path there are 3 possible out paths, so 12 in total. Also create a blank shape with no paths.  Build up your grid using these shapes.

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