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SVG import issue

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Hello ,

an annoying issue occurs whenever I want to import SVG's in yEd. Whenever I drag and drop a SVG file from the explorer to yEd everything looks fine.

So far no problem. But in case I update / change the very same SVG outside yEd and save it with the same filename the problem occurs.

Normally I delete the previous version of the SVG in yEd and drag to new version into yEd and everything should be ok. Unfortunatelly not as yEd has somehow cached the previous SVG and uses it instead of the new version.

It only works in case I rename the new version or I restart yEd before importing it.

Maybe this behaviour occours with other filetypes as well (e.g. PNG, ...). Untested on my side.
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1 Answer

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yEd uses the file name of SVG documents as a kind of identifier. As a consequence, you cannot "re-import" an updated SVG document (i.e. same file name, different content).
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Thanks for your answer.
That explains the behaviour of yEd in this matter, but isn't the behaviour which I would have expected. :-(
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