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Table Chart / Swimlane: Background Colour

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I work with a table chart to show the workflow of the organisation of an event.

The coloumns represent weeks before the event and the rows are tasks about similar topics (e.g. location, local sponsors and so on). Now I'm looking for a way to give every row another colour.

Can't imagine that this is not possible, but I am not able to find such an option.

Thank you!
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The Table Node node type from the "Swimlane Nodes and Table Nodes" palette section uses an alternating color scheme where you can choose two colors that are then applied to the content area rows/columns. Additionally, you can also choose two colors for the header area of the rows/columns. These are also applied in an alternating fashion.

To specify the colors, select a Table Node in your diagram and hit function key F6. On the last tab ("Swimlane Node or Table Node"), you can find the respective options. Alternatively, you can also specify the colors in the Properties View in the GUI after selecting a Table Node.
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Is there a possibility to give each row or each column a colour itself, which means no alternating change but different colours? for example 5 columns: column 1 in red, column 2 in yellow, column 3 in blue, column 4 in green and so on?
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to specify a different color for each lane (if there are more than two lanes).
I'd strongly vote for this feature!
In general, I'd like to be able to have the swimlane/table fields as separate nodes, to be able to assign other nodes into it and to assign own colors to the table cells.
Yeah this requirement is making me have to go to Visio - its a show stopper
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