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Property mapping two values to the label text?

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I have nodes which are computers, they have two custom properties: 'computer name' and 'IP address'.  I want the label to display the name and ip address together, is it possible?  I'm looking at the 'edit>properties mapper' window and I'm trying to map both properties to the label text, it won't work.  I basically need to create two versions of the diagram, one with computer names only for public viewing, another with computer names and IP addresses for network technicians to use.... help!?
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Instead of trying to merge the values of two properties in one label, add two labels to your nodes and map one property to the first label and the other property to the second label. In the public version of your diagram, simply set a blank text for the IP address label.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
This worked well.  I must have over looked the section where you can apply property mappings to specific labels!  I created two labels as suggested and using the label 'distance' I offset them so the second appears under the first.  Thanks for a quick response.
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