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Why does this route from LaTeX to yED via SVG not work? (Bug in PDF-export?)

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Since the integration of mathematical formulae and text attributes into yED via html isn't very reliable (concerning the spacing of text and the placement within nodes) I have been looking for a way to get LaTeX-output into yED. Now the following method seems to be quite viable:

  1. Write some LaTeX Code (including math) and compile it with pdflatex to a pdf-file.
  2. Convert this pdf-file to svg via the following command:
    inkscape.exe --without-gui --file=<filename>.pdf --export-plain-svg=<filename>.svg
  3. Drag and drop the resulting svg-file into yED and place it within a node.

This all works fine. But if you now try to export the graph into a pdf-file (with embedded fonts) you will get confronted with an annoying problem, because scaling the imported svg-Box below a certain level will result in blurry output. Scaling the same box up to arbitrary values above a certain level however will always result in clear output. Since the same is true of scaling svg-icons (without any embedded text) this seems to be a bug in yED (3.14.4). It would be great if there were at least one reliable method to get math stuff into yED and it's a pitty that the method described above is stopped by yED's pdf-output-routine.

Anyway, thanks for this great tool!

Best, Matthias

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1 Answer

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This problem seems to be fixed in Version 1.5.0.x


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