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Script-based graph exporting

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I want to use yEd diagrams inside latex document. It seems to me that the most convenient way to do it is to export diagram as bmp(or any other format) image and insert that image into my document.

The problem is that I want to export via script (I used to do it with DIA previously): I want to create a script which will export all diagrams to bmp each time I compile my document, so I couldn't loose any changes in case I've forgotten to export it manually.

I couldn't find any kind of command line interface so far.

Any help is appreciated.
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1 Answer

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yEd simply does not have the necessary command-line interface because you are not allowed to use yEd in an automated process like "exporting via script". Please see the yEd Software License Agreement, ยง1 License Conditions.

by [yWorks] (147k points)
But if we had this ability to hook it in to Doxygen, I'm telling everyone to use this too for generating software design diagrams!

We can only provide yEd as a free service because we license the underlying programming libraries to customers. By allowing programmatic access to yEd, we would effectively tell our customers to not license our commercial library but use our free tool instead, which would quickly result in our company going out of business, taking yEd with it.

If you are interested in a programming API for generating high-quality diagrams and the possibility to "hook" diagram generation "into Doxygen", please take a look at the yFiles programming libraries.

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