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I can't always create BPMN Flow by drap & drop

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I created 2 new activitites I'd like to connect with a flow (which one ever).

I drag the wished arrow but when I drop it on the first activity nothing happens.Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

What are the conditions to create a flow using the drapg&drop? Is there another way to connect 2 activities?
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1 Answer

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Especially when you are using the "Task Activity (Open)" template from the BPMN palette section, then you are actually dealing with a group node. For a group node, you need to start (and end) the gesture that creates the connection (the 'arrow') near the group node's border. If you are starting (or ending) the gesture in the middle of the group node, it won't work.

The alternative way of creating a connection (instead of dragging an 'arrow' template from the Edge Types palette section) is described in the "Getting Started" tutorial of yEd manual, see the heading "Creating an Edge that Starts/Ends at a Group Node".

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