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How can i change the node type without losing the connections

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How can i change the node type without losing the connections and the edges
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A frequently-asked question. See: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/27

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Actually, I think this is not what the asker meant. I just came across the same question, whether i can e.g. select some nodes of my graph (which may be of type rounded rectangle shape node) and then "transform" them into another shape, e.g. ellipse. In my perfect world, I would also like to be able to transform between different subpalettes, i.e. transform a shape node into a group node, as an example.

PS: I guess one would call this a "replace"-function.
Agreed, sounds like OP is looking for a "replace" function. It would be nice to be able to replace (for example) a process node with a decision node in such a way that the labels and edges are not affected.
The linked article actually describes the desired "replace" function. One notable exception though: You cannot convert a normal node into a group node (or vice versa) this way.
As of yEd 3.17 it is possible to use "Apply" and "Apply Type" from the context menu of the palette templates to change normal nodes to group nodes (and vice versa).
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