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Find Out Layout Settings to Produce a Graph

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    I have created a diagram from opening a spreadsheet, the default hirarchical layout gives a pretty good layout.  What I need to do is to move a few nodes around and re-draw the lines.  Choosing Hierarchical layout again produced a different layout. Even if I use "Use Drawing as Sketch" the nodes within groups are moved around and lines use a different layout algorithm.

Is it possible to find out the settings used in a diagram and or find out the settings used when a spreadhseet is imported ? Or even do a redraw with same settings?  This is so I can amend a diagram, but keep the same style when redrawing lines.


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No, it is not possible to find out which settings were used to generate a given layout with only the information in the diagram.

However, when you import a spreadsheet with option "Layout" on tab "Presentation" set to "Circular", "Organic", or "Hierarchic", then yEd will use the settings which are displayed when you run the corresponding algorithm from yEd's "Layout" menu. I.e. if you run "Layout" -> "Hierarchic" with "Orientation" set to "Left to Right" and then import a spreadsheet file using "Hierarchic" layout, the imported diagram will be arranged from left to right as well.
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