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Command-V (mac) not pasting at first

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Command-V works to paste if I don't move to another folder/group. If I change to different folder/group, paste works only if I use the menu. Once the menu is used to paste a first copy, Command-V then works as expected in that or any other folder/group (until another object is copied). All this said, I have seen Command-V work in folder/group other than where the source is, though not consistently.
Is there something you'd like me to test? Do you need more details? A screen video?
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1 Answer

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I cannot reproduce this problem on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 with Oracle Java 1.8.0_60 for yEd 3.14.4. My test case was as follows:

  1. Create two normal nodes.
  2. Select both nodes and use CMD+ALT+G to group those nodes.
  3. Double-click the group node to navigate to its inner diagram.
  4. Select the first normal node and use CMD+C to copy said node.
  5. Use the "Back to previous view" button in the tool bar to navigate back to the parent diagram.
  6. Create a third normal node, select it, and use CMD+ALT+G to create a group node for the latest normal node.
  7. Double-click the second node to navigate to its inner diagram.
  8. Use CMD+V to paste the previously copied normal node.

Additionally, I also tried the same approach with using CMD+DOWN and CMD+UP for navigating into and out of groups (instead of using mouse and tool bar as described above). Everything worked as intended for me.

So, either your workflow is distinctly different from mine (in which case a step-by-step explaination or a screen cast would be great) or this is something specific to your machine.

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I am also using El Capitan 10.11.1 with yEd 3.14.4. We do differ in our Java versions. I am using Oracle Java 1.8.0_66-b17. I will follow your test case exactly, see what I get and report back.

I am a little confused about Java dependencies. Isn't a version of the JRE installed with yEd? Isn't that yEd-installed JRE what is used instead of anything available from the system? Does yEd use the system JRE instead of the one it installed?

UPDATE: I too get the expected results from the test case you gave me. Thank you for troubling to spell it out. I will see if I can isolate the circumstances under which I have seen the behavior.

Yes, the Mac OS X disk images yEd-3.14.4_with-JRE7.dmg and yEd-3.14.4_with-JRE8.dmg do come with bundle JREs (1.7.0_80 and 1.8.0_60). As far as I remember 1.8.0_66 was not available yet when yEd 3.14.4 was released.

And yes, yEd should use the bundled JRE. And it does for me although I have 1.8.0_66 installed as well.

Ah. Now I see where the JRE is: Help->About. Yes, we are using the same version of Java: 1.8.0_60. That's good. One less variable. Again, I will try to reproduce the issue in the simplest possible environment (graph). Thanks again.
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