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Connect Line to line

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Is there a possibilty to create graphs like this:



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You can split the vertical edge in two vertical edges that connect to a small node with width and height 1 and then connect the horizontal edge to that node, too. (Splitting the vertical edge can be done by dragging a node onto it.)

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Dropping a 1x1 node on the edge doesn't actually appear to split the edge, it just provides a target for the arrow to be drawn to. The original edge has not been "split" since it still acts as one object. Also, the problem is that when you drop the tiny node, you can't even see it (or select it) anymore since it's hidden by the line.

It seems my original advice was not specific enough. With "by dragging a node onto it" I meant "dragging a node (template) from the palette onto it". An edge is not split if you move an existing node over it. Splitting only happens on palette-to-editor drag'n'drop operations. Moreover, when dragging a node template from the palette over an existing edge, yEd will highlight the edge if a drop at the current position will split the edge.

Step by step procedure:

1. Create a 1x1 node and add it to a user-defined palette section:

2. In your actual diagram, drag the new template from the palette onto the editor area:

3. Once you are over the edge you want to split (and yEd highlights said edge), drop the node template:

4. After dropping the node template, there will be two edges (note the second arrow):

5. Remove the arrow from the upper edge to create the impression of one continous edge:

6. Finally, create the edge you need to look like it is connected to the original edge:


Regarding your second complaint, it is intentional that you "cannot see" the tiny node. After all, the whole reason for using a tiny node is to fake an edge-to-edge connection. If you need to select the tiny node, use yEd's marquee selection.

If working with the tiny node is difficult, use a bigger version (e.g. 10x10) until you have all edges connected to it and shrink it down to 1x1 when you are done with it.

This was very helpful, but when creating small nodes to the line the neighborhood view shows wrongly as all the connections to small node are the end of the lines, even they should continue to the actual node after the small node. When applying multiple small nodes to the same line the neighborhood view comes vague.
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