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I would like to edit one graph (one graphml file) in several tabs

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I have a large and complex graph with many groups. Sometimes I am working in several groups at the same time. It would be nice to be able to have several groups opened in different tabs. It seems that it is possible to split a graph into multiple files and then have them open in different tabs, but I would like multiple tabs for one graph in one file.
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I am interested in Visio like multiple tab functionality with in a single file. Is this possible with yed?

A somewhat simplified workaround implementation might be to implement "tabs" with groups that have special properties.

1. Groups can have "tab"  properties.
2. When user clicks on a "tab", the "tab" expands and others collapse.
3. Printing will require understanding this special property of the group such that, it will expand first before printing. It also may require printing of the "tab" group as a standalone page.

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I think this would be very useful for more complex projects.
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