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Internal navigation and linking

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At export process dialog, add a feature in the viewer tab to activate internal navigation and internal link.

I mean by internal navigation the way to follow nodes edges after edges (and so provide a choose system if multiple edges) - as windows/context view/neighborhood works for example

I mean by internal link the way to link a node to another one (and even more in a anchor of the label as label could be html !)

The internal link feature could be usefull for example to link particular node to a note legend and so create more interactive map.


& thank's to the whole yWorks team!

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even though this is a very old question, the problem still exists: how to hyperlink an element from another element within the same diagram. especially, when dealing with huge diagrams, this would be a great benefit, as no connection lines have to be drawn between distant elements within the diagram. there is a hyperlink feature to connect elements with external documents, but it seems to lack something like a more detailed target specification when hyperlinking another yED document. e.g. "<file_link> # <element_id>" could do the job: after the jump, a feature would search for a specific element id and select it within the target diagram.

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