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Why does automatic layout create edges that point to their own source?

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Hello all. I am having this problem with almost all automatic layout options. They make a bunch of new edges appear, connecting the nodes to themselves,  kind of looping the node to itself. Why? How can I stop this? It makes my diagram say very different things than what i want it to say.... I am attaching two photos: of the graph as i created it and then  of what happens with edges self looping the nodes after running an automatic layout option. Thanks a lot!

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The automatic layout doesn't add self-loops to your diagram. I guess, those self-loops are already in your diagram BEFORE the automatic layout.
You can confirm this in the Neighborhood View -- just select the big red node, for instance.

If it's really the case that these self-loops are NOT there before the layout, then I would like to ask you for additional information!
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Hi! @thomas thanks for your answer.... Well a long time went by, and I am still having the same problem. I am 100% certain that these self pointing edges are not there before I run the algorithms. It happens every time, when i start a new diagram, etc. I ve been working around it by manually deleting them, but this is obviously not at atll practical...

Which version of yEd are you using?
On which operating system are you using yEd?
Which layout algorithm do you use to arrange your diagram?
Finally, please upload a sample GraphML file that when opened and arranged in yEd exhibits the described problem.
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