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How to achieve partially color fill of nodes

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Dear all,

let me sketch the problem as best as I can;

I'm using yEd to represent a network of storage tanks. To get the most visual impact I had the idea to represent the occupance of the tanks by color filling the node representing the tank partially; so if the tank is more occupied, the color fill will fill the node more. So that's what I'm trying to achieve.

Now, I assume that single colored fills and even gradients are possible, but is there some way to achieve the partially color fill based on a supplied variable? (this is part one of the question)

Part two:
as a work-around i set the color fill of the node to transparent and supply a dummy node in the color that i want the partial fill to be and scale its height according to the supplied variable; then i place this dummy node behind the transparent node and I achieve the wanted effect. This works fine for rectangular nodes; however as this is a visual medium I want to use the nodes that look like actual cillindrical tanks. The proble; that arises here is that the curve of the dummy node changes as I scale the height (I take this is because of the scaling and flattening or stretching the node influences the curves). This has as a result that the curve of the dummy node is different than the curve of the original node and the work-around is not as visually pleasing as I'd want it. Is there a way to keep the curve the same as I scale the hight of the figures? (this is question 2)

I apologize in case there are language errors/ I just confused you / for posing a luxury problem. I would greatly appreciate confirmation that this is indeed not possible or helpful hints.

In any case, thank you for reading this long question!
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Partial fills for e.g. a specified percentage are currently not possible in yEd.

Assuming you mean the "Data Base" node template from the Flowchart palette section, it is also not possible to prevent the curve from being affected by the node height.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Thanks for the confirmation!
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