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Multi-level groups from Excel

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Hi! Friends!

How to import from Excel nodes included in the multi-level groups?


Node Source Group level 1 Group level 2 Group level 3
1   Group 3    
2 1 Group 3 Group 2  
3 1 Group 3 Group 2  
4 1 Group 3 Group 2  
5 2 Group 3 Group 2 Group 1
6 2 Group 3 Group 2 Group 1





















WBR Ivan

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2 Answers

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To achieve the desired multi-level group structure, your Excel spreadsheet should look similar to this:
Excel spreadsheet setup for multi-level group structure

In yEd's Excel import dialog, on the Data tab, choose the values as depicted here (you may see the entire image by using your browser's 'View Image' command):

On the Presentation tab of the same dialog, use these settings, for example:

Clicking Ok in the dialog will then give the following result:

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hej hello ,

i´m also interisted in this future !!!

how to fill the " Entity and the attribute "  straid from a EXCEL file   ??


please somebody can help ?!
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