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Can the nodes in each level of a hierarchical chart be automatically centered on the page?

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I have a chart where the hierarchical layout works nicely.  However, I think it would look a lot cleaner if it would automatically center the nodes on each level on the page.

My chart starts with two nodes that each flow to one child.  That single child itself flows to two child nodes.  When the hierarchical (and flowchart) auto layout feature is used the nodes in those three levels are moved off to the right side of the chart (not all the way to the edge).  I see no reason (nothing in the lower levels) why this needs to occur.

Is there a way to get the contents of each level centered on the page using auto layout? Am I missing something?
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The hierarchic layout algorithm uses a complex network of constraints to determine the horizontal position of nodes. Thus it strongly depends on the structure of your diagram whether or not levels are centered. Of course, there is also the possibility of an error in the algorithm that might prevent a centered arrangement.

If you upload a GraphML file of your diagram here, I will take a look and let you know if it is possible to get centered levels. (If your diagram contains sensitive data, please use "Tools" -> "Anonymize" to remove all such data before uploading.)

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Here is the GraphML file of my diagram.  It has been anonymized.

Thank you for looking at this.  It is appreciated.


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I don't think this was every answered.  Perhaps I mistakenly uploaded my anonymized diagram so that it got tagged as an answer.  If someone has any information on solving this issue it would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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Sorry to answer only now - unfortunately I missed your response and the uploaded diagram.

I am afraid it is not possible to enforce centered layers for such a structurally complex diagram as yours.
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