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Can I force tooltips to display on-screen when I export as html imageMaps?

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re: the page at  http://jeffsrabbitholes.freesite.host/_yEdResources/mainJsChanges_Example1/changesInMainJsFunctionCalls_1.html

This diagram has 2 boxes, 1 BLUE and 1 RED. Both contain farily large images in their data descriptions. But the height of the image in the RED box is slightly larger than the one in the BLUE box.

This is NOT a problem when I view the diagram in yED and hover over the boxes to display the images in the tooltips. The program seems to automatically adjust for the height of the image, so it is placed properly on the display.

HOWEVER, when exported as an html imageMap, the image from the BLUE box displays properly - BUT the image from the RED box gets displayed off the top of the screen.

Anyway, when exporting diagrams as an html imageMaps, is there some way to force the tooltips to display more sensibly, with reference to the display screen?

If not, is there some workaround for this... other than just limiting the size of the info in the tooltips?


- Jeff.
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Youe example looks fine for me on Ubuntu 12.04 with Firefox 41.0.2. What browser (on which operating system) do you use for viewing your example?

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