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Make NEW Feature Requests be more visible

+4 votes

Problem: New feature requests are extremely hard to see on Feature Requests page.
And as a result they tend to get buried no matter how excellent they are. This is a SERIOUS problem, because requests of great merit and not being voted for.

Part of the problem is that most of us do not have time to read through all the requests that have ever been made.

I suggest either:

A) a section at the top of the page showing the most recent few new feature requests
B) include the ability to change the sort order of the requests to either most votes first *or* most recent first.

OR even archive the whole lot every 6 months and start again.



PS. Ironically this request will probably never get voted on for all the above reasons!!
in Feature Requests by (810 points)
I completely agree with this, and the fact that it's just got its first vote 6 months after posting highlights the issue (or means no-one cares!)

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