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Linux :: Switching Monitors causes yEd to fail to load menus correctly

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I have seen this problem with yEd for sometime.  I work off a notebook but when at my desk I use a external monitor.  I don't dual display I just run the local notebook monitor or the external one.  Whenever I switch displays I find that yEd will fail to load the menus correctly.  Sometimes if I minimize and maximize that fixes the problem but generally I have to save/close the program then reopen the file.  It looks like this might be a java problem but not sure and was curious if this was a known issue and if so if there was a workaround for this behavior.  I really like your diagram software and am impressed with how often you update the software.




asked Oct 16, 2015 in Help by coldiso (130 points)
recategorized Oct 16, 2015 by thomas

1 Answer

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Most likely, this is indeed a Java problem and when so, chances are that there is not much we can do about it.
Still, can you post your combination of Java version, yEd version, and Linux flavor (incl. version) that you are seeing this on?
answered Oct 16, 2015 by thomas [yWorks] (23,660 points)
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