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Why can't we type straight into shapes, that is why are we forced to use F2?

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Is there a good reason why we can't just type text directly into shapes?

As a new user here, having looked at your competing products for generating Flow Charts BPMN diagrams (etc) I feel that this is a massive mistake.


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2 Answers

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You can just type! There is no need to use F2 when you configure 'Edit Label on Create Node' (File menu > Preferences... dialog, 'Editor' tab).
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Sorry that didn't work.
I clicked: File > Preferences > Editor (tab) and ticked "Edict Label on Create Note". But when click on a shape to get the 8 little black squares surrounding it and then start typing... nothing happens. Whereas I was hoping the text would go into the shapes. On the up side I see that at the time of creation (e.g. dragging a shape on to the drawing), it does at least leave you in reading to enter text mode (i.e. as if you had pressed F2). This is a major improvement and judging by other tools I've just looked at I would strongly argue that should be the DEFAULT setting too, if you want new users to love your product.

Either way it's still not quite doing what I originally meant.

Trying to help

Ah, I see. This isn't supported at the moment. Will re-categorize as "Feature Request" then...
Thanx  :)

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Actually, you can. Double-clicking on the node will select the text in the node.
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