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Wrong scroll bars when returning to a parent from a group

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I have a large graph with several group nodes.  If I double-click to edit one of the groups, which is quite small, and click the toolbar button "Back to the previous view", I am returned to the parent graph view, but I can only see a small section of the parent chart and the scoll bars do not allow it to be scrolled all the way to the edge.

The work-around is to then click the "Show entire graph" toolbar button followed by the "Reset the zoom level" button.

It would be better if the scroll bars reset correctly when returning from a sub-chart.
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2 Answers

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Can you provide screenshots of the editor area before you double-click the group and after you have clicked "Back to the previous view" as well as some additional information such as which version of yEd are you using, which Java version you are using (see "Help" -> "About"), and which operating system you are using?
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Hopefully this is ok, couldn't work out how to get pictures into a "reply", so I made an "answer".

Using: yEd 3.9, Java 1.6.0_30, Windows 7 x64 SP1

Before editing the group:

before editing group


After returning from the group edit:


After returning to parent


Using the scroll bar to scroll down does not allow scrolling all the way to the bottom of the chart:


Cannot scroll all the way down

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