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is losing your edits in a dialog boxes a bug?

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I am reporting a very frustrating behaviour in yEd v3.14.3, Java u1.8.0_51.

  1. create a graph (e.g. .graphml type)
  2. add a shape to the graph
    • drag a square from the Shape Nodes tool (e.g.).
  3. Show the Properties dialogue
    • Right click on the shape and
    • Select Properties
  4. Type some text into (say) Text label textbox
    • Do NOT press apply
  5. Move the mouse outside the dialog box
    • So the dialogue loses focus
    • So far I've only seen this when the mouse is shifted off the dialogue
  6. The text entered in step #4 has been replaced by whatever was there originally.
    • I find this extremely annoying
    • I cite it as a bug:
    • The dialogue text box should keep the last text entered unless the user clicks [Cancel].
    • The semantics are unclear, it seems that [OK] and [Apply] are the same operation.
  7. This happens on all the fields in dialogue boxes.
    • It causes all manner or errors in diagrams.
    • It took me some time to realise WHY values weren't being updated or boxes resized in response to changes made in dialogue boxes.
    • It produces errors.  For example if I copy a UML class and edit but move the mouse too much before I save, the 'new' class still has to old attributes when I save it; unless I notice the failure to keep the edits.

I hope this can be fiexed in the next update.

Many thanks,


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Step 6 only occurs if you move the mouse (into and) out of a table or pool node.

Unfortunately, for technical and conceptual reasons it is very difficult for us to improve this situation.

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