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Bug in the neighborhood view?

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first of all: Thanks for this great tool! It is the best and as far as I know only one to do what I do: Mapping large and complicated processes and extracting parts of it. So I use the layout and view functions a lot.

Here is my question about the neighborhood view: To show inputs and outputs of a group, I select all nodes in that group and use the neighboorhood view. Now the problem is, that the edges inside the group are not shown any more. Is it a bug or a feature?

Here is a simple example:
The neighborhood view when Task 2 and 3 are selected:

From my point of view, the edge between Task 2 and 3 is missing.

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1 Answer

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Although it might be a bit unexpected, this is the intended result. The neighborhood views show only connections to unselected neighbors. These views are intended to highlight the relation between the selected nodes and their neighbors. Similar to omitting edges between selected nodes, the neighborhood views ignore edges between the neighbors, too.

Besides this, the hierarchical layout style of the views is primarily designed for showing edges between layers. Diagrams of this style tend to become unclear if there are several edges in the same layer.

You might want to add a feature request for an 'induced subgraph view' which would be more like the view you have expected.
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