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Refresh custom symbols after change to image files

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I've created my first diagram from several images that I imported to a custom palette.  Now I've made some changes to those images on disk, but yEd doesn't show the new images.  I wouldn't expect the changes to automatically be shown, but is there some way to get all the nodes to look at the image files on disk again and refresh to show what's currently there?

I was able to get something close to this by exporting my palette to a document, deleting the images in the document, dragging my new images into the document, then choosing Adopt from Document in the Palette Manager to get my new images with the same names into the custom palette.  However, I still needed to manually pick each node and Apply the corrent image from the palette context menu in order to do the refresh.
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yEd provides no such automatism to update/refresh images in already saved diagrams.

The images that you have used in your diagrams are embedded as 1:1 copies in the GraphML files. There is no reference back to the original images in your palette in the files.
Embedding images this way makes your diagrams self-contained and standalone.
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