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What are the actual licence terms of yEd?

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Someone just told me to use yEd and even said it was Free Software, but I cannot find either licence or source code, so I cannot compile it for my platform anyway.

Out of curiosity, what *are* the actual licence terms? Is it Free Software/Open Source, or Freeware (available for use without pay or much restrictions), or shareware, or nagware, or freemium (similar to freeware except there may be restrictions on use you have to pay to remove), or what?

Your website even says “yEd, which is free, …” (in the E-Touch quote), so I wonder whether that is true, or if it’s just gratis, and what other restrictions it may have.
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yEd is free as in "free of charge". It is not Free Software nor Open Source Software.

Please see Can I use yEd for free? Even for commercial purpose? for additional information.

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OK, so this is proprietary (free of charge, one copy only, no redistribution, no use as part of an automated process, but no restrictions on program output). Thanks, this surely clarifies for me. Wish this was linked on the program description page and on the download page.
It is! The yEd license terms are presented to you when you download yEd.
Ah, I see. I did not follow the link to attempt a download because I could not find the licence in the first place.
For me too, I did not follow the link thinking it was that kind of program who is hiding its true nature. IMHO, if a program is ok, it just claim it at first.
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