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It don't Print what I see

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to yEd an think this is a really good tool If you want to create your own processes at home.

So I did.
I created a process that need at least four pages of A4 paper in portrait format, because I only have a A4 printer. But everytime when I try to print it out on four pages I get two blank pages an two with just a part of the graph.

Print Area: Whole Graph
Scale: Automatic
Rows: 2
Columns: 2
Centred: yes

Any Ideas where the problem could be (except 80cm in front of the screen laugh)

Greetings from Hamburg


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Printing problems are notoriously hard to diagnose because the cause is almost always very specific to the setup of the machine exhibiting the problems.

To be able to provide even remotely useful advice, you need to provide additional information.

Which two pages are empty? Upper left and lower left? Upper left and upper right? Upper left and lower right? ...

Would it be possible for you to upload either a GraphML representation of your diagram or a screen shot of your diagram? (See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for upload instructions.)

Which exact version of yEd are you using?(See "Help" -> "About".)

Which version of Java is yEd running on? (See "Help" -> "About".)

Which operating system are you using?

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