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yEd utf8 character

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when i input a chinese,Have some Character have show problem.Can you give some support?

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Well, for the label in the node you can choose a font family that supports the required glyph. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to switch to another font for the GUI elements (structure view and text editor).
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Thanks ,Work after I use another font.
 " yEd Graph Editor” is a very good tool for my work.
But, I have one problem needs your help. When I use it in MacBook Pro( OS X 10.11), I can’t type Chinese Input normally even the font that support Chinese glyphs. It only could show numbers and English characters, but no Chinese characters. How could I resolve the problem?

Thanks for help!
Please explain why the original answer does not apply to your problem.
Thanks for your reply. Although I choose the font family that supports the Chinese glyphs, but it didn't show Chinese glyphs after I had typed the code of Chinese glyphs. I had tried many different font families that supports the Chinese glyphs and two Chinese Glyphs Input methods, all them were not work. I am really hopeless for this problem.
Any special JAVA setting should I check? Or what app for connection should I setup?
Thanks a lot!
It seems like Java is not able to recognize the input methods you use for Chinese glyphs. The only solution I can think of in this case, is to type your Chinese text in a text editor that supports your input methods, then copy said text in said text editor, and paste the copied text into yEd.
Thank you for your suggestions. I had try the solution as you mentioned, and it was work. Thanks a lot. Is any other solution could let the Java be able to recognize the input methods which use for Chinese glyphs? Such renew some app from somewhere........
Thank you very much!
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