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Node height set by number of Edges

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I'm using the excellent import feature from Excel to create some complex hierarchical left-to-right layouts.

Each of my nodes has a text label and in the import settings I'm selecting the "Fit Size to Label" option.

This results in all my nodes being sized left-to-right based on the label and all with the same height.

What I would like to be able to do is set the height of all nodes based on the quantity of edges on either the left to right of the given node.

So in this example I would like the height of nodes 6 & 7 to automatically grow to better space the edge lines.

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This is currently not possible in yEd but it would be nice to have, so I changed it into a feature request.

Since your data is imported from Excel, it might be possible to do this with some help from Excel and the yEd tool Properties Mapper. This tool can be used, amongst others, to scale the node height according to a custom property values (i.e. node or edge data). Unfortunately, it is neither possible to scale according to the number of edges nor to store the number of edges in a custom property. However, it should be possible to calculate the number of edges of each node in the Excel sheet and import it as custom property.

For more information, please see the manual page about Properties Mapper and the questions in this forum about this topic, and let me know if you need more help.
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I can't seem to find this option in yEd v3.22; will this feature be implemented or am I just missing something :)
This feature is indeed not available. And it probably will not be implemented either.
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