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Settings for clear texts in html graphics

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Since I uploade the latest version of yED (Version 3.14.2) the text of an icon in an exportet html graphic is not displayed as clear as in the older version.

Is there a possibility to change settings?
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There is no checkbox labeled with "Anti-aliasing" in the tab "Image". I checked the settings in the following way (in the German version):
File / Export / Save as HTML ImageMap (*.html) / tab "Image"

There are only 4 fields (in German):
* Auswahlmarkierungen zeichnen (checkbox)
* Grafikformat (=JPEG)
* Kantenglättung (checkbox)
* Bildqualität (0,1 - 1,0) --> current setting = 0,8
"Kantenglättung" is the German translation for "Anti-aliasing".

By the way, using JPEG with a quality less than 1 really does not make sense if you need clear text. Either use JPEG with quality 1.0 or use PNG (which uses loss-less compression). I suggest going with PNG.
Thanks for the additional English lession :-)

I did the hmtl export again, but the result is the same... there must be another Problem.
Could you upload example images of the old export and the new export for comparison? Which version did you use before 3.14.2?

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Try turning off anti-aliasing. To do so, make sure the check box labeled "Anti-aliasing" on tab "Image" in the HTML Image Map Export settings is not checked.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
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Image yED version 3.13 (probably, but not sure):


Image yED version 3.14.2:

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I finally had some time to investigate this issue in depth. The different text rendering behavior was introduced in yEd 3.11.1 as part of a bug fix for incorrect text size calculations. Unfortunately, the slightly less crisp text rendering is a direct result of the changes required for the text size calculation corrections. I.e. there is currently no (feasible) way to improve text rendering.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
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