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Fantastic program but for average person out here there is NO substantial learing material. I watched what few videos there are and some show the most basic use of it, but, for example, any help in creating an org chart like the ones given as examples is non existent. The manual is all but useless unles you designed the program. Far too vague.

I need to make org charts that have the collapsible feature with collapse and expand buttons in the nodes and the data inside linked to the data panel etc. Nothing I could find tells me how to do this. If it does it's couched in verbaleze that is Martian to a lay person like me.

Please support your product with more tutorials etc. I'd gladly pay for the product if it was supported. It's worth building real tutorials for such a great program.
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If you have a specific question, post it here. You will get an answer.


Actually I did have a specific question there. I need org charts that expand and collapse and it appears yEd does not that that feature. Demos show YFiles does. Is this true? If so I have to go elsewhere.
Please explain what you mean by "org charts that expand and collapse". Or even better explain how yEd's group nodes do not meet your requirement.
Many of the diagram software programs have the ability to collapse and expand trees so that if you have a large org chart you can collapse branches so only specific areas are visible. Specifically, nodes with hierarchy have a button to select to collapse everything underneath it. Evidently your yFiles application has it but I gather the yEd does not. Critical to what I'm doing.
Ok, I guess you are looking for a way to hide all subordinates of a given employee in an org chart. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in yEd. You can try to simulate this feature to some degree by using group nodes symbolizing departments or work groups in your organization.

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