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Creating an Diagramm from a Excel Treestructure

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Hello together,

i am trying to create an diagram from an product structure that i have in an excel file.

The structure of the data is like these

Ldf. Nummer  ArtikelNr Label
1 110 A1
1.1 111 A2
1.1.1 112 A3 113 A4 114 A5 115 A6 116 A7 117 A8 118 A9 119 A10 120 A11 121 A12 122 A13 123 A14 124 A15 125 A16 126 A17 127 A18 128 A19 129 A20 130 A21 131 A22 132 A23 133 A24

Would it be possible to create automaticly an diagram from these data (excel file)? Like an hierarchic structure? I have not get it until now :-( So i have no seperate colum with start and target identifier.

If i try to create it its shows me no edges. Is it possible for yed to proceed datas in these form, or must i change it like "from to"?. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks



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1 Answer

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What kind of structure are you expecting from the given data? E.g. suppose you have nodes representing lines 117 A8 118 A9 119 A10

Should those be chained one after the other because of the subsequent ArtikelNr (i.e. A8 -> A9 -> A10) or should A8 get connected to both A9 and A10 due to Ldf. Nummer for A8 being the prefix for Ldf. Nummer for A9 and A10?

In any case you need to tell yEd the desired structure of the generated diagram. Hence you need to add an additional column that you can use to designate target IDs.

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