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When will yEd be released as app on iPad with iCloud?

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Should be easy to use Yed in iCloud with the Mac and the iPad.

please hurry
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Will support this request for Android Samsung Galaxy Pad

1 Answer

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There are no plans for this since it's not easily done.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
So may be the community can help ?
Hi Michael, I heard about a framework that could help on this. I don't know the degree of difficulty to implement using this tool:


Thanks for this information. While this framework my be used to convert/reuse some of the algorithms of the layouts and tools, it cannot convert any part of the user interface. In fact, neither framework can help here since the whole UI is quite different on the Desktop and a tablet or phone.
This is a pity as it would make an awesome app. Would an Android version be any easier?
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