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Moving swimlanes creates edge chaos

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Dear yEd Team,

Moving swimlanes up or down is very convenient, as the tasks are moved together with the swimlane (e.g. in BPMN Pools).

Unfortunately, orthogonal edges do not move with the swimlane. They stay where they are which creates quite some chaos, especially with bigger flowcharts.


Is there a way to move orthogonal edges inside a swimlane together with the swimlane and its activities?

Thanks in advance!
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1 Answer

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You can fix the chaos by using an orthogonal edge routing algorithm from the Layout menu (Layout > Edge Routing > Orthogonal/Polyline or Layout > Edge Routing > Orthogonal).
First select the edges, then apply the edge routing algorithm to the selected edges.

by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
Thank you for your immediate reply.

The edge routing surely reduces the chaos.
On the other hand, I am quite happy with the manual routing as of before shifting lanes. The automatic edge-routing makes me lose much of my layout.

I am not sure, but I think I remember that I used to be able to shift swimlanes without negatively affecting any of the routing. Maybe a previous functionality has been removed there?

Thank you again
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