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Bug: GUI not repainted on lniux, particularly after system suspend/resume

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Hi yEd Team,

  Since a couple of versions back I've found that the yEd GUI stops repainting if left open and unusued for a long time. I'm pretty sure that this is always triggered by doing a suspend/resume on my laptop, but I think I've also seen it where the GUI's simply been idle and minimised for a few hours.

I've uploaded a screenshort below. You can see that the tool bars left and right, have gone grey and then the menus don't display properly. I can still interact with the canvas, and the mouse pointer still changes context over the right-hand column and can still drag-and-drop items onto the canvas - albeit it done totaly blind to what I'm selecting. Closing yEd and reloading resolves this every time.


I'm running yEd 3.14.2 with on 64-bit linux (Mint 17.1), using the bundled version of java.

Please let me know if there's any other diagnostic data I can send to help with this.


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1 Answer

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I had the same problem under Arch Linux and fixed it by selecting JRE8 as my default JRE instead of JRE7.

Somehow the system JRE was used instead of the bundled one.
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