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Bug: Neighborhood pane loses sync with main view when node shape is changed in it

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I use the example diagram at startup and select a node and see its neighborhood at the side pane. Then I change its node shape from rect to triangle and see it change in the main diagram but not in the neighborhood pane. Selecting other node elsewhere and then back to that again at the main diagram, the neighborhood pane refreshes OK

(btw, this text editor is very slow in IE11, if you type fast you lose text)
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This is actually the intended behavior. The neighborhood view is updated on selection changes or mouse movement depending on the selected strategy in "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Display", setting "Context Views Update Trigger".
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And what is the rational behind that? I select and edit something at the neighborhood pane and I don't see my edit like that, thinking its broken
Updating the neighborhood view is potentially very expensive. If each and every change would automatically trigger a neighborhood update, yEd would slow down to the point of being unusable.
being a programmer I really don't understand how changing the node symbol from a square to a triangle is cheaper to change in the main graph but expensive to change in the neighborhood that just shows a small subgraph with the current node's siblings
Due to some architectural constraints, updating the neighborhood view currently requires rebuilding the neighborhood view from scratch.
Moreover, changing the geometry of an element requires a layout calculation for the displayed diagram in any case.
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