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PDF Export - Plain Text Option not working correctly

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Hi there, I've been using yEd for some time now and discovered a problem with the pdf export.

I use the plain text option (Text Rendering Policy) to be able to search the generated pdf by text. In some cases this doesn't seem to be working.

If for example in the node the options:

autoSizePolicy="node_size" configuration="CroppingLabel"

are set it is not working. I'll try to attach a minimal working example.





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1 Answer

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Thank you very much for your error report. We are aware of this problem. The cause for this problem is a short coming in Java's rendering framework. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a way to prevent this from happening when cropping and/or wrapping text.
by [yWorks] (158k points)
Thank you for the quick reply. Just to be clear, the only workaround is not to use these options?
Is it only  the "Cropping" or are there more options I need to be careful with? If yes, could you point me to where to find that information? Thx.
Well, using HTML markup in label texts triggers the problem as well.
For plain text (no cropping configuration, no HTML markup) it is hard to tell whether or not the problem may be triggered because the "problematic" Java code is very, very complex.
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