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Import of dot files

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asked Sep 23, 2011 in Feature Requests by yEd user (3,340 points)
edited Sep 29, 2011 by yEd user
Please do consider incorporating this into the next version, it is an essential part of my workflow for preparing academic papers.

Currently I use yEd to post-process .dot output from a code analysis tool, and have to use dottoxml (which is not packaged anywhere) to do so.
DOT file import would allow to use with yEd many of the existing diagrams (since many open source projects save it that way), or it's the output format of uml/db reverse engineering tools.

Registered just to post this comment. A lot of academic tools use this format. This missing feature is blocking me from always using yED and recommending it to peers. (Now we always copy-pasting everything into http://www.webgraphviz.com/)

2 Answers

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If you can install Graphviz, you can use the gv2gml command to convert a DOT (gv) format file to the GML format, which yEd is capable of reading. On Mac OS, I used Homebrew to install it (`brew install graphviz`).

answered Jun 8, 2017 by gooberiffic (170 points)
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answered Dec 15, 2011 by anonymous
edited Feb 3, 2016 by thomas
Thanks.  Next opportunity I have to start a graph from a dot, I will try your dottoxml script.
Is there a good reason why yEd developers chose not to support dot naively?
Every time when I try to open a DOT file in yEd I ask myself why it is not supported, even though DOT files are produced by many tools.
I tried dottoxml (2016-04-28) and it does not do the job.  You pretty much have to redo everything.
would be nice to have this native
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