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Fit Node to Label has no effect.

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When I select a node and then select Fit Node to Label from the menu nothing happens.

This used to at least fit the width correctly but now has no visible effect.

I've updated to the most recent version and this behavior remains.

Is there some setting that might be interfering with this function?
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2 Answers

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Try turning off the "Ignore Width" checkbox in the Fit Node to Label dialog box, if you haven't already tried that.
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I wonder why this hasn't been fixed. I have been using YEd on and off for a few years now and this bug is still there. Basically it desn't work most of the time and I have to adjust 90% of my nodes manually to the size of the label
The things to note with the "Fit Node to Label" tool are that it (a) only takes into account the very first label of a node, (b) cannot make sense from HTML label text, and (c) does not apply to group nodes (but this may be obvious, since group nodes are designed to always entirely encompass their contents).

So, if, for example, you happen to use the "Entity with Attributes" node template from the "Entity Relationship" palette section all over your diagrams and expect the tool to adjust the node's width to one of the attribute labels, then this won't work, I'm afraid.
Ok, I'm mostly using yEd for flowcharts and maybe that is just a bad use case for it. The Raute symbol for decisions is very bad at fitting the label, maybe it's because of it's shape but in most cases the writing is over the shape and you know you use this symbol alot in flowcharts. Maybe it's better in other diagram types where you dont have oddly shaped nodes
Ah, I see. Your observation is to the point, this would be (d), then: "Fit Node to Label" works with rectangular nodes in mind.
For many of the non-rectangular node shapes it doesn't make too much of a difference, or can be worked-around to some degree by increasing the "Horizontal Space" value. Due to its specific shape, the "Decision" node template from the "Flowchart" palette section, however, doesn't lend itself very well to the tool.
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