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Remove intermediate node with edges preserving

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I would like to obtain


Is it possible with multiple selection?
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There is a feature request for the opposite transformation, too: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/123/

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No, currently, there is no way to convert from the first graph to the second.
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I would really like this too.

I've been importing some very large amounts of data into yEd by Excel and sometimes it causes memory errors/crashes due to the amount of data.

If this feature was available then I could split the import and then manually 'stitch' the two parts together then delete the duplicate/joining nodes.
I'm not sure whether this is really what you need. A 'merge nodes' feature would be more appropriate. It would merge nodes with the same label, for example convert a unconnected graph with 4 nodes N1->N2  N2->N3 into N1->N2->N3.

Besides, have you seen the question about increasing the memory available to yEd: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/52/ ?
Yes a merge feature would be much more suitable for me :-), is there an open feature request for this?

Thanks for the info. regarding memory too.
No, none that I'm aware of.
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No progress at all?
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Unfortunately, no. yEd is not a permanent effort, rather an on-off project. And the list of feature requests is large. So, we cannot implement all requests. (That does not mean we will never do this specific feature.)
Thank you for reply. Could you recommend other tool that can be used for this?
No, I am not familiar with the feature sets of other graph editor applications.
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