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Change edge label into shorter number reference

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In my diagrams which are state machines the edges have rather long names which makes it hard to layout the diagrams in a properly manner since the edge labels goes all over the place.

My suggestion is to add an option to replace all edge labels with a number, and then presenting a list with original edge labels and corresponding number. This number could be built up as follows to further allow for easier reading:

  • Number each node in one sequence, nodeNo
  • Number each edge out of a given noded in separate sequence, edgeNo
  • The label number could then be: "nodeNo of originating Node"."edgeNo":"nodeNo of end Node"

An example showing this scheme (with one long text):


Such an feature would ease the process of generating diagrams based on statemachine which are configured in c# code and the base diagram is autogenerated. In other words, the diagrams needs to be reworked every so often as the code changes, so manual labour regarding (re-)placing edge labels needs to be avoided, if possible.

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