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Ignore specific nodes when changing layout

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My diagram of a state machine is mainly a flowchart, but due to common states as "Error" and "Abort" and "Edit" the ordinary flow is disturbed and I end up with diagrams with lots of crossing edges.

Is there a way to temporarily hide/disable these nodes when changing layout, and then afterwards either manually add/enable/show them, or add them underneath all other edges?

That way I could get a good diagram displaying the main flow, and add the exception states at a suitable point in the diagram.
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No, there is currently no way to temporarily hide elements for a layout calculation.

The result of a layout algorithm is highly dependent on the graph structure. Even adding only one additional node may yield a completely different arrangement. If you cut (CTRL+X) the undesired nodes before layout calculation and paste them afterwards (CTRL+V), you will see what I mean.
by [yWorks] (158k points)
I do see the effect, and that is precisely why I would like this functionality. If hidden while doing the main layout, then it can be manually adjusted afterwards, but the main layout is good/better...
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