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don't store passwords in unencrypted form!

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Shame on you!!! You're storing and transmitting my password in the clear. Yes, it's just a Q&A forum, but you should be storing passwords with one-way encryption.

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Of course, passwords are not stored in plain text but encrypted with SHA1. The plain text is available only at the registering.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
@jms_nh: This is quite common with many websites, who send your password to you before it is hashed to the place of no return.
ok, good to hear it. thanks.

It would be helpful to add a note with the registration email to that effect. I mean, sure, use of this forum doesn't involve vital financial or medical information, but we all have enough to worry about security as it is. (I personally would rather not get passwords sent to me in the clear at all: it's a very minor but still possible security risk.)
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