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Easy system of levels, where al the layers can easily managed

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I have Nodes in Groups and that Groups are also in Groups. I would to exactly define, when a edge ist seen (going over a node) or the node covers the edge. The is something like moving up and down. But that seem not to work in complex diagrams. In my case its only possible to have the wished effect in one group. When the edge comes to the other group, the edge is going over all nodes.

I would like to have an easy system of levels, where all the layers can easily managed. E.g. every node and and every edge has in his properties a number für the  layer. A higher number (deeper) goes under a layer with lower number.
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1 Answer

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There is already a (rather popular) feature request for layers: Layers (similar Dia or Visio layer) Please vote for the original request.

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