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Allow users to define and apply post-processors in yEd GraphML files

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Allow users to define and apply post-processors in GraphML in yEd. They are currently available in the Java library for automatically applying layouts and other processing actions that require clicking in the graphical interface in yEd. (NOTE: I recognize that yWorks must make money to continue offering yEd for free, and that post-processing capabilities in yEd would allow programmatic workflows that might otherwise require purchasing the Java library. See my other suggestion about offering a paid version of yEd.)
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I use a program to generate .graphml files.
After opening with yED, I always click "nodes like labels" and "layout-hierarchical".
It would be nice if this could be scripted.

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The ability to apply post-processors such as for layout and node / label size adjustment would be great.



as demonstrated in xmltree2graphml.xsl using yext.graphml.processor.NodeizeAdapter and y.module.TreeLayoutModuled
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