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Expanding group node adds unnecessary line bends

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I have a group node connected to other nodes in a flowchart.  When I expand the group node, line bends are added to the lines that are connected to the group node.  When I shrink the group node, the line bends stay there causing all my lines to be out of place.  I have to manually delete all the bends to get the lines to look as they used to.

I'm using yEd version 3.9
asked Feb 23, 2012 in Feature Requests by swingnchad (180 points)

2 Answers

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Can you post some screenshots that demonstrate the problem?
answered Mar 1, 2012 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (125,630 points)
I too have found this.

A simple case:

1. add a rectangle
2. add a closed group node (aligned to the centre of the rectangle, horizontally or vertically)
3. draw an arrow from the rectangle to the group node
4. open the group node (the default size will still be centre-aligned)
5. resize the group so it is not centre-aligned with the rectangle
6. move the group so it is centre-aligned with the rectangle again
7. close the group node

The arrow gets an extra bend.
I added some screenshots below.
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As I encounter the same problem, and no screenshots were posted, here some (hopefully, http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/user/thomas.behr is still having a look at this question).


answered Apr 5, 2012 by anonymous
Yes, I'm still looking at this question. ;-) Thank you very much for the screenshots. Will have a look at this, but cannot promise anything.
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