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Middle mouse button pan support [please vote]

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After searching for this I found following Questions  related to given feature but no conclusive answer.

  1. http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/4584/move-around-diagramm-with-pressed-middle-mouse-key

  2. http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/6212/where-setting-mouse-middle-button-to-use-pan-in-auto-cad-2013
  3. http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/684/pan-with-middle-mouse-button-option


In  the past, vast majority of technical content production (like graphs, maps, technical drawings, 3D imagery) was done on x86 PC platform. Although most advanced production happens on other platforms, x86 PC could be considered as biggest install base. At certain point in time 3-button mouse with clickable middle wheelbutton/scrollwheel became standard PC equipment.

Shortly after that development, common UI / UX (whatever) idioms in drawing applications for workspace manipualtion were bound to middle wheelbutton (sorted in order of importance and frequency of implmentation):

  1. scrolling with middle wheelbutton = ZOOM (works in Yed)
  2. moving mouse while holding middle wheelbutton pressed = PAN (doesn't work in Yed - action seems unbound)
  3. clicking middle wheelbutton = (usually) CENTER ON FOCUSED ENTITY (doesn't work in Yed - action seems unbound)

While zooming is one of most common worskpace transformation in application like Yed, panning is second most common. Having pan bound to rightclick breaks workflow for many advanced middle wheelbutton users. It's "non-standard" in regard to many other software (3D, technical drawings). In case where software doesn't use wheelbutton as pan control it can be easily reconfigured to do so.

It would be great if Yed had this capability (even if configurable): panning while holding middle wheelbutton pressed.

This behaviour, if implemented, should be same and availible in both "design and view modes" to help user experience consistency.

In graph "view mode", yed also provides impressive nagation controller (first time I have seen such great tool). This tool is activated by pressing left click and pulling out navigation vector, marker is spawned into view and user can easily "travel" through graph. However this controller is pretetty useless as it's not availible in "design mode", which is pity.

Should (toggleable) middle wheelbutton pan be implemented, I suggest addition of support for navigation controller onto rightclick button with same invocation semantics as in "view mode". This should allow rightclick properties with simple click, while allowing for advanced navigation with click and pull semantics.


I am using several types of *nix systems and was searching for comprehensive graphing solution capable to perfrom on all my OSes. So far only yed fits the bill almost completely.

However I am missing configurability of this feature greatly.

I believe there are other (mostly silent) power users in community missing this feature as well, that's why I am asking for this feature to be implemented.

Other tools evaluated:

  • LibreOffice Draw -
    • Middle Mouse Pan - unworkable (on unix paste)
    • Slow rendering
    • Slides oriented
    • Impenetrable symbol libraries
    • Awful GUI and control
  • Inkscape -
    • Middle Mouse Pan - configurable
    • Advanced capabilities
    • Drawing oriented
    • Minimal graphing support
    • Missing advanced graphing functions
  • Dia -
    • Middle Mouse Pan - default
    • Obtuse uselessly "cofigurably unconfigurable" GUI similar to GIMP, no single window mode
    • Very complex to use and produce anything usable.

Wheelbutton Support

Per device:

  • work notebook 
    • touchpad is useless for long graphing sessions
    • trackpoint is useless for long graphing sessions
    • external mice have wheelbutton in majority of cases
  • workstation
    • wheelbutton enabled mouse is default equipment here
  • apple mac
    • magic mouse is useless for any real work (I fail to see purpose of that device, it's sufficient for browsing celeb gossips and porn perhaps?)
    • magic touchpad is useless for long graphing sessions
    • anybody really working (technical drawings, 3D software, programming eg. not a painter [uses tablet] or musician [doesn't use machine directly at all]) on mac will get external keyboard and proper  wheelbutton enabled mouse.

Per OS:

  • Unix - configurable, OS has full low level support
  • Windows - configurable, OS has full low level support
  • OS X - directly unconfigruable, OS has full low level support

According to my personal research - middle wheelbutton is availible on all major platform given correct equipment is connected to machine. This means Java should have programtical support for it.

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Wow, impressive argumentation!

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