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Pan with middle mouse button option

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I would like a feature that let's me pan around the workspace by holding down the middle mouse botton and then dragging the cursor.  This would be like the AutoCAD functionality.  Right now, the right mouse button is used, but many drafters prefer the middle button, because it is what we are used to.

asked Feb 23, 2012 in Feature Requests by fogus (150 points)

1 Answer

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system variable should be set for MBUTTONPAN in AutoCAD.  And of course the scroll wheel button should be set for Middle Button.
answered May 22, 2012 by anonymous
dear buddy i have already done first estep with MBUTTONPAN it's 1 but   i have got this problem also !
what should i do and what do you mean of the ''scroll wheel button should be set for Middle Button''' where should i set it?
The answer above doesn't make any sense in the context of yEd. It seems more related to AutoCAD...
Also, the question is marked as a "Feature Request." If you want to support the feature request, then feel free to vote for it.
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