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custom property, after loading function

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I would like to ask you. If is it possible to create after loading function that would start after opening my graph. My task is to set selection according to set custom property of image. With that loading function I want to set selection of e.q image according to set custom property of mentioned image.

This advice was given to me by Thomas Behr

Thank you very much in advance

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I am sorry, but there seems to have been a misunderstanding. It is not possible to define a function that is automatically executed after loading in yEd.

The idea I mentioned in your previous post is for a manual approach. After loading your diagram, you can e.g. use yEd's structure view to display the values of your custom property and then select the entries in the structure view (which will also select the corresponding nodes in the editor) or you can use yEd's properties mapper to highlight/transform the elements in question.

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