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Importing numbers (in text cells) from Excel to yEd

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This is probably more of an Excel issue that yEd but I thought I'd give it a shot:-)

I have an Excel spreadsheet and some of the columns are numeric in content but I have set the format to be 'text' in Excel (i.e. not numeric or general).

The problem is that when I import into yEd my numbers are not coming over correctly, i.e. even in the import dialogue (in yEd) I can see that the numbers are being represented in exponential format (which I don't want because they're phone numbers).

The only way I can fix this is to prepend an alpha character to the numeric string (in Excel) before doing the import into yEd (but then I have an alpha character which I don't need).

Any thoughts appreciated.
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1 Answer

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I haven't checked in the source code, but if I remember correctly, yEd does not rely on the format information. Instead, everything that looks like a number is treated as such. The idea was to convert cells which contain numbers but are formated as 'default' into a number for convenience.

A viable work-around for phone numbers might be to add some kind of separation character after the area code.

If you like, fill a new feature request for the required behavior (or convert this question into a feature request).
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Thanks, will do.
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